File Synchronizer 4.3
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File Synchronizer 4.3

Free It is designed for synchronizing large collections of media files
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This is a handy and lightweight program allowing you to synchronize two folders automatically. It is especially useful to synchronize large media collections - like music or video files – though it can actually be used to synchronize files of any kind in two given folders. It provides you with several synchronization modes, making it a very functional and helpful tool.

The program offers a fairly unattractive user interface, whose visual design leaves a lot to be desired. Basically, it allows you to select folder number one and folder number two – whose content will be displayed side by side on different panels – and to execute the "Analyze" command, so that the program can compare the contents of both folders. It will then list only those files that have been changed, those that exist in one of the folders only, etc., depending on the sync mode you chose. The available modes include a clean synchronization, the possibility of cloning one of the two folders, and a list of all the new, newer, older, larger or smaller files existing in one of the folders as compared with the other. It also shows you the number of files that are identical in both folders, which are considered, therefore, already synchronized.

Finally, you can click on any of the buttons in the "Action" section to execute the synchronization job you chose. It is worth mentioning that the program normally copies all the listed files from one folder to the other, though you can also select which files will be copied or replaced in the other folder – which, technically, is “not” a true synchronization process. Even though the program was originally designed to synchronize large music or video collections, it can be used for many other purposes, such as keeping a portable and updated version of the "My Documents" folder, or synchronizing the contents of two flash memories, to mention but a few.

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  • Lightweight
  • Provides you with several synchronization modes
  • It only lists the files that have been changed or which are new in one of the folders
  • Allows you to clone folders automatically
  • Allows you to select the files to be copied or replaced in the other folder


  • Unattractive user interface, whose visual design could be improved
  • The "Analyze" command needs to be executed manually
  • Its usage may be hard to understand at first


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  • Free file sync
  • Lats multi v
  • Compare two music folders